But these were some of our Services.

We offered a broad range of services, underpinned by our core design offering. If a project needed something beyond the norm, we took care of it.

Logo Design & Branding.

Whether clients were starting from scratch or looking to refresh their brand, we produced logos, palettes and guidelines or complete branding systems to ensure they make a lasting impression on their audience.

Print Design.

From humble business stationery to big glossy brochures, exhibition stands and large scale print media, we always created something that suits client needs and tied in seamlessly with their other branded output.

Interface Design.

With over 20 years' experience in designing user interfaces for websites, mobile apps, wayfinding screens, interactive displays and other presentation media, we always made interfaces intuitive on any device.

Motion Graphics & Videography.

Storyboarding, shooting footage, editing, effects, animation and audio. We took care of it all to get the message across in an engaging and effective manner.

Illustration, Photography, Retouching.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. An infographic, a character, setting up the right shot or capturing that moment. We delivered from scratch or with digital manipulation.


One of our greatest strengths was our knowledge, and we took great pleasure from using it to help our clients achieve results. We prided ourselves on always being straight-talking and jargon-free.

Past Work.

We completed countless projects for a wide variety of clients, many of whom returned to us time and time again to achieve the results they wanted. We can't show you any of the white-label work we did (it's secret). But below are a few of the projects we can mention.

CPEW Award Book
Property Award Book

32-page book design for Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work.

Print Design, Illustration

Allied Bakeries Impact Conversations
Impact Conversations

Specially commissioned photos, illustrations and print media for internal marketing campaign at Allied Bakeries.

Logo, Print Design, Illustration, Photography, Creative Direction

Amlin Andretti Website
Amlin Andretti

Website and print design for Formula-E Racing Team Amlin Andretti.

Web, Print & Graphic Design, Art Direction, Consultancy

Merlin Extranet
My Merlin

Microsoft Sharepoint UI Design for Merlin Entertainment Intranet

Interface Design

Coffee Cup
10 years at Chiswick Park

Filming, editing and motion graphics for JPC Cleaning with design of accompanying printed material.

Videography, Motion Graphics, Print Design


A complete brand scheme, suite of infographics and other illustrations for canine separation anxiety specialists based in Canada.

Branding, Illustration, Creative Direction


Brand/Logo development, accompanying print collateral and social media assets for Talent Management Consultant.

Branding, Print Design, Web Design, Consultancy

CPEW Yella 2015
Yella 2015

Storyboarding, motion graphics, editing and photo retouching for Enjoy-Work's annual events roundup video.

Motion Graphics, Retouching, Creative Direction

Who We WERE.

CoyoteTrickster was a design & consultancy company that offered a wide range of design services directly to clients and to creative agencies. We started out in 2003, consulting and creating websites, brochures, stationery, branding, illustrations, animations, photographs, videos, presentations, signage, movie props, exhibition stands and more.

Our company name referred to The Trickster, who many traditional cultures around the world see as a spirit who is creative, free-thinking and playful (and our Coyote mascot embodied this).

Our Process.

Whether we started by email, video call or a face-to-face meeting, we followed the same process.We listened to client requirements, advised how they could achieve their goals, then implemented their chosen solution. Sound simple? Well, why shouldn't it be?

Our Approach.

Communication was always a key element of our approach. Because our clients knew what we were doing at each stage of a project, they were always in control. We always maximised clients' budgets by working efficiently and sticking to what we had agreed.

Our Goal.

Naturally our goal was for our customer to be happy. We wanted the end product to delight them, their audience and most importantly for our work to provide real business benefit. After all, we were here to work for our customers, not puff up our own portfolio.

Our Mission.

Since we opened our doors in 2003, our mission always remained the same: to offer solid design and consultancy that drew on our wealth of experience to produce great results and exceed expectation at every possible opportunity.